What Is The Glass Frame

- Apr 20, 2018 -

What is the glass frame?

Glass frame is a frame made of glass as the main body. The frame is a frame made of various process processes, such as cutting, carving, spraying, silk printing, trimming, painting, polishing and so on.

The glass frame is, as the name suggests, a photo frame made of glass. It is a relatively new photo frame which represents a branch and is widely used.

Glass frames first appeared in foreign countries, and began to appear in the Chinese market in 90s. The emergence of a change in the frame industry. The glass frame has the advantages of low cost and good appearance, and has won the trust of a large number of customers.

Glass frame is widely used. It is not only applied to studios, gifts, foreign trade, wedding and enterprises, but also to graduation, teams, schools, etc. Big to portrait portrait, small to big head stickers, have applications.

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