What Is The Meaning Of The Color Of The Frame?

- Mar 25, 2018 -

What is the meaning of the color of the frame?

Color frame color of frame

Red: strong, festive color, it is easy to make people feel excited.

Yellow: the highest brightness of color, people feel very warm, glorious and resplendent!

Green: beautiful, elegant, feeling big and tolerant.

Blue: eternal, broad, feeling calm and rational.

Purple: small MM often use this color, giving people a sense of mystery and oppression.

White: the highest lightness gives a sense of purity and elegance.

What is a digital photo frame

Digital photo frame, photo frame with ordinary appearance shape, the original frame the picture part replaced with LCD display, power supply, storage medium, can directly play digital photos, makes the same photo frame can play photos, can have more advantages than single power ordinary photo frame.

1, decoration: home layout of the room, placed in the bedside, desk, hanging on the wall. Places with wooden frames can be replaced with digital frames. Make a photo of your digital photo, a film that can be recycled and tiredness.

2, gifts: sending lovers, sending parents, sending children, giving them to their classmates and sending customers. It's all a good choice

3, show: wedding photo studio, photography enthusiasts, design workers, housing sales. At the conference table, you can show your digital and video images.

4, recreation: beauty salon, rest, station and other places, can play some leisure pictures or flash. Let the boring wait in the laughter.

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