What Is The Picture In The Big Picture Frame Of The Wedding Dress

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Photographs in the big picture frame of the wedding dress are usually made of photographic paper.

The main types of these photographic paper are as follows:

Glossy photo paper: the full name of the glossy photo paper is "Photo Quality Glossy Film". Glossy photo paper, as its name implies, its biggest feature is a layer of gloss on the surface of the printed photograph. In addition, it has the texture of the traditional photos and the good moisture proof effect, so the printed photos look very comfortable. It is suitable for printing high quality photos, as well as record cover, report cover and so on. When choosing paper, it is the first choice of paper.

Glossy paper: glossy face paper, the English name is "Photo Quality Glossy Paper". Compared with glossy photo paper, the glossy paper is more meticulous and has a strong gloss on the surface. But it doesn't mean it's better than the glossy paper, because it's not as thick as the glossy photo paper. Relatively speaking, its price is relatively low, and it is suitable for printing some art photos with high demand for printing and a large number of text materials. But art photos should be well preserved and not wrinkled, so that the economy is affordable. Typical products are photo quality glossy paper light paper S041126, EPSON Canon GP 101, HP C6039A advanced photo paper, size of common A2, A3 and A4 three, the country also has some high glossy, glossy paper such as gold flagship.

Light face photo paper: the glossy photo paper is called "Photo Paper". It is covered with a resin layer and is very smooth, showing bright white luster. The photos that are printed with it can produce the biggest color saturation, the color is bright, the details are vivid and attractive, so it is very suitable for printing some advertising banners, posters, product catalogues and so on. Of course, it's good to print pictures, cards, Christmas cards, or make home and personal films.

High resolution paper (thick photo paper) thick photo paper: the biggest feature of this paper is "thick", so the price is higher than the other photo paper. This is mainly because the coating is thicker than the ordinary ink-jet printing paper, the surface is very smooth, and the printing effect is very good, close to the traditional photo quality. If you want to create a bright image, it's an excellent choice, such as printing thick poster and some technical drawings, and so on. On behalf of products on the market are EPSON's high-quality 720dpi inkjet printing paper S041117, Canon's high resolution paper HR 101, HP's senior 51634Y inkjet printing paper, size of common A3 and A4 two, but we do not recommend it to print photos, because the price is too expensive, and printing the photo for it, is to put fine timber to petty use.

Of course, the classification method is not only this one, from the different classification standards to classify, that is to understand and evaluate the paper from different angles, which will bring you an unexpected harvest. According to the different coating method and coating material, the paper can be divided in this way.

Bentonite type photo paper: it is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as the main film forming material, and the swelling coating is coated on the base paper. It is called Swellable Paper. Its surface is made of gelatin and polyvinyl alcohol polymer ink absorbing layer, printing, ink in the ink absorbing layer on the surface of polymer, water absorption expansion and showing a variety of colors, color reduction effect is very good, but because the polymer expansion speed is limited, so the drying speed is very slow. Especially in the new type of six color piezoelectric printers, there are serious defects in the printing image, and the clarity is not satisfactory. Its water resistance is poor, although the adhesive modifier can improve the water resistance, but the ink absorbability is reduced, that is, the ink absorption and the water resistant phase of the raw phase. Generally speaking, its production cost is relatively low, but its ink absorption performance is poor, and its drying speed is slow, and it can not be waterproof. After printing, film processing is needed. So the later process is various and the cost is higher. The effect is far less than the traditional photo, which belongs to the low grade secondary product. At present, the domestic manufacturers have little difference in technical level, and most of the products belong to this kind.

Cast coated waterproof paper: cast coated waterproof paper, namely Cast Coating Photo Paper, is coated with micron sized silicon dioxide. After special treatment, brightness and whiteness can reach the level of traditional paper. It is the main product of the domestic manufacturers of some powerful painting materials. It has a waterproof coating, but the base paper and paper type bentonite as base, so the overall waterproof performance is poor, high saturation in print images, the paper will be a certain degree of deformation; at the same time, coating delicate enough, can not meet the requirements of ultra high precision printing. But for ordinary photo printing, it is a good choice.

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