What Kind Of Photo Album Is Good? What Kind Of Frame Is Good

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Shaoxing Sunway Trade Co. Ltd. to tell you: the album door way too much, the first set of VV when the camera had been fooled, but stand firm (in fact, but also because it was relatively poor). As time changes, the science and technology of the album is changing every day, and it is easy to get a big head if you never get in touch.

At present, the wedding photo album is divided into two categories according to the production process: the traditional handcraft album and the integrated photo album. Among them, the traditional manual album is divided into three categories, non full version album, full version and full version album spread gapless album.

The integrated photo album can be roughly divided into three categories: common integrated photo albums, biblical albums and crystal cover biblical albums. There is a "false bible book", is made of the Bible book frame manual!

Traditional handmade album

Production technology: Photo prepaid membrane, and then physical method (glue) to make photos fixed on the page of photo album. The edge of photo album will have gold or silver metal wrapping.

1. full version: large photo album photo album is small, for example: "18 inch album, 18 inch 18 inch silk photograph, painting a picture, 18 inch crystal photograph, 18 inch Pidiao photograph, 18 inch graphic design portfolio 16" refers to the album in four is the full version of the photo, the remaining 16 is a combination of small pictures!

2. full album photo album: all the photos in the book are full edition (nonsense!) No small photos!

3. full version of the seamless Album: Book spread photos are seamless across the page! For example: 18 inch Album: a 18 album size is 18*12 inch, then a pair of open page is 18*24 inch, this album is the 24 inch photo, sticky on two pages, forming a pair of pages. The middle is seamless!

Integrated photo album

One album is the technical innovation, the two album production process: a production line, after ultraviolet liquid oily glue, laminating, pressing, pressing, cutting, indentation, milling, stamping, with a full set of production line of ten skin procedures, through ten Taiwan machine, making the perfect top photo album!

To put it simply, it is to synthesize a new substance with two different substances, photos and album pages by chemical means. The new material is "photo album page". Photo and album pages are integrated into one and never separate.

There is an essential difference from the manual traditional album. The manual album is a physical form, and the photo is glued to the album page.

In addition to "never" the obvious characteristics, forming one of the album has a characteristic, that is "film technology"

The photo of the ordinary manual album is to attach the "film". The film is a kind of plastic material, with bright film, thin film, skin texture, oil painting, laser and so on. When you touch the picture, you can feel the existence of "membrane" obviously. After the film is attached, the photos can achieve the effect of waterproofing, moisture-proof and scratch proof. But after all, they are separated by a layer on the photo, which has a certain degree of influence on the color of the photos.

Integrated photo album using advanced "ultraviolet" oily liquid film "film technology", in the picture surface spraying liquid membrane with special machine, visually integrated photos: bright color, like the picture surface a layer of oil like water, want! Touch with the hand: it doesn't feel the existence of the film at all!

1. common integrated Album: "this has two characteristics forever" and "film technology", the album page and the thickness of the common album no difference.

The 2. bible book is the upgraded version of the integrated album. The thickness of each page is about 1/3 fingers thick, and the album is thicker. This is called the Bible book. Of course, this is exaggerated. In fact, it is far worse than the Bible. It's just thick! Again, the weight of the weight, how many Jin did not be called!

3. crystal cover: book is the bible bible book upgrade edition, and the distinction between ordinary Bible books that cover material, the common bible book cover with leather cashmere cloth etc.. The cover of the book is the Bible crystal crystal cover (refer to the crystal of organic glass, photo) cover, the cover can be placed on the whole or half of the photo, and because the cause of the material will reflect the outside light source, with luxurious grade!

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