What Material Photo Album Is Good? What Kind Of Photo Frame Is Good?

- Aug 26, 2018 -

What material photo album is good? What kind of photo frame is good?
I am going to take a wedding photo, but I don’t know much about the material of the album cover and the quality of the photo frame. I hope that experienced friends can talk about it and have worked best in the photo studio. Haha Thank you! ! !
Shaoxing Senwei Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. tells you that there are too many doorways in the photo album. When the first set of vv photos was taken, it was once fooled. It was a firm position (in fact, it was because it was poor at the time). As time goes by, the technology of photo albums is changing with each passing day. If you never touch it, it may be really easy to get bigger.
At present, wedding photo albums are divided into two categories according to the production process: traditional manual photo albums and integrated photo albums. Among them, the traditional handmade photo albums are divided into three categories, non-full full-page albums, full-full albums and full-page cross-page no-seam albums.
One-piece photo albums can be roughly divided into three categories, ordinary one-piece photo albums, Bible photo albums and crystal cover Bible albums. There is also a "fake Bible book", which is handmade by the book of the Bible book!
Traditional handmade photo album
Production process: The photo is pre-paid, and then the physical method (that is, glued) is used to fix the photo on the photo album page. The edge of the photo album will have gold or silver metal edging!
1. Non-full-full album: It is a large photo album, such as: "18-inch photo album, 18-inch silk photo, 18-inch oil painting photo, 18-inch crystal photo, 18-inch leather photo One, 18-inch art design combination of 16 "refers to four photos in this album are full version of the photo, the remaining 16 are a combination of small photos!
2. Full version of the album: the photos in the album are full version (nonsense!) No small photos!
3. Full-page version of the page without a seam album: The photos in the album are seamlessly spread! For example: 18-inch photo album: a 18-photo album size is 18 * 12-inch, then a folio page is 18 * 24-inch, this album is a 24-inch photo, glued on two pages, forming a facing page ! The middle is seamless!
One-piece photo album
One-piece photo album is a technological innovation in the production of photo albums in the past two years. The production process: production line, through UV liquid oily film, glue, flattening, indentation, pressing, cutting, edging, bronzing, skinning full set The production line has dozens of processes, and after dozens of large machines, the perfect top album is produced!
To put it simply, it is a chemical method that combines two different substances, photos and album pages, into a new substance. This new substance is the “album page with images”, and the photo and album pages are dissolved into One, never separated!
There is an essential difference from handmade traditional photo albums. The manual photo album is a physical form, that is, the photo is glued to the album page!
In addition to the obvious feature of “never separate”, the one-piece photo album has another feature, that is, “filming technology”
The photo of the ordinary handmade photo album is to be attached with a "film". The film is made of plastic, with bright film, fine film, leather grain, oil painting, laser and other textures! If you touch the surface of the photo, you can obviously feel the existence of the "film". The photo after the film can achieve the effect of waterproofing, moisture proof and scratch prevention, but after all, there is a layer of things on the photo, and the color of the photo has a certain degree. influences!
The one-piece photo album adopts the advanced “film coating technology” of “ultraviolet liquid oily film”. After spraying the liquid film evenly on the surface of the photo with a special machine, it is visually obvious: the photo of the integrated photo album is bright, like the photo surface. After a layer of oil, the water is booming! Touch with your hand: I don't feel the presence of the film at all!
1. Ordinary one-piece photo album: It has two characteristics of “Never Separate” and “Laminating Technology”. The thickness of the album page is no different from the ordinary photo album.
2. Bible Book: It is an upgraded version of the “Integrated Album”. The thickness of each page is about 1/3 of the thickness of the page. The whole album is thicker. This is the name of the Bible. Of course, this is exaggerated. In fact, of course, it is far worse than the Bible! Anyway, it is thick! Then there is the weight, how many pounds have not been said!
3. The Bible cover of the crystal cover: It is an upgraded version of the Bible book. The difference from the ordinary Bible book is the cover material. The cover of the ordinary Bible book has a leather surface. The cover of the crystal cover has a crystal cover (referring to the crystal of Crystal Lamina). It has a plexiglass cover. The cover can be placed in full or half of the photo, and due to the material, the external light source will be reflected. Grade!

Album cover
According to the cover frame, it is divided into: leather book, cloth book, crystal book, glass book, magazine book and so on. There is no need to explain the leather surface and the cloth surface; the crystal book is a surface sealed with a layer of resin or PVC transparent material. It looks bright and bright, but it is easy to scratch; the glass book uses plexiglass. The material cover of the class, needless to say, is definitely afraid of falling; the magazine book is generally used in photo, the cover uses a whole package of your photo, a little personality, but most of the time people say that the magazine book not only indicates that the cover is a photo, but also It means using the manual book process, but it can also be a one-piece process, but you have to specify what you want beforehand.
Album page
According to the inner page of the basic material is divided into: cardboard and PVC (plastic). The base plate is the "foundation" of the photo album. The photo album can't be bound directly by a photo. It can only be attached to a certain kind of tough material and then bound into a book. Some of the materials are jammed and some are used. PVC, cardboard is of course divided into three or six, etc., this can only look at the producer's conscience, the basic situation is that the use of cardboard is thicker than PVC (thin soft), PVC material is definitely one-piece molding The book, the so-called manual book is definitely made of cardboard, on the other hand, the paper-made manual book, one-piece book can be.
Horizontal photo album (I used to be very happy)
1. The aspect ratio reaches the 30:10 ratio of terror, which is not in line with the human perspective. (The best perspective for people is 16:10)
2. It is not conducive to watching, look at the album head and even the waist to be displaced from the leftmost side by a distance of 24 inches to the far right, very difficult!
3. Too narrow and long, the layout design is difficult to integrate into a whole, the photos on the layout will be like a row of people in the queue!
4. The actual size of the photo characters on the layout is only 8 inches! Although it is called a 12-inch photo album, it is only 8 inches!
5. Since a layout of a horizontal photo album requires at least 4-6 photos (in a row), then an album will be
Need 40-60 photos (the vertical version usually only 20-30), so in order to buy more photos in the later stage, the studio will usually entice customers to choose the horizontal photo album, and then say that the photo is not enough, ask customers Buy money in the film!

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