What Production Processes Are Required For The Frame

- May 20, 2018 -

What production processes are required for the frame

First, the cutting is done by cutting the machine to make preliminary cutting and shaping of the purchased wooden board or aluminum plate, and then cutting them for further processing.
Second, stamping: one or more stamping processes for aluminum products are processed by stamping machines to achieve the desired shape. For wood products, further processing and grinding are needed after cutting, so that the properties of the products are further improved.
Third, screen printing: put trademark or slogan in the most conspicuous place of the product, so as to achieve better publicity and advertising effect. At the same time, it can also create personalized trademarks for customers.
Fourth, paint: the use of this technology in some products to make it more characteristic, so that the effect of the product beyond the characteristics of a single material itself, so as to achieve more vivid color and more realistic effect.
Fifth, assembly: tens of thousands of products are assembled on a dynamic assembly line every day. The skilled skills of workers ensure rapid product assembly.
Sixth, packing, quality inspection: packing the product strictly according to the needs of the customer or international practice, so that the product can pass through the export procedure and the requirements of inspection and quarantine. After the product is formed, strict quality inspection should be carried out for every batch of products, so that the product can truly achieve high quality from the source and guarantee the quality of the product for the buyer and the consumer.

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