What's A Gift To A College And A Dorm Sister

- Apr 15, 2018 -

What's a gift to a college and a dorm sister

It has been 1 and a half years since I graduated from college and dorm sister. After graduation, everyone is running and it is difficult for sisters to get together. Fortunately, there are 6 people in the bedroom and 3 of them have stayed in the school. In March, there was a roommate for his birthday. I specially invited the year leave to go back to school to see three silly girls. . I'm in Beijing, and they are in Chengdu. I think I can count the number of fingers when I can get together in this life. I want to give a good gift, but I really don't know what to send for a moment. Give them a brief introduction. Ask the brothers and sisters to give an idea, three sisters, a charming and lovely, a boyfriend, a family of older brothers and sisters in college usually very frugal, romantic love fantasies did not have a boyfriend, a family is more difficult and more thrifty in the countryside. The 2 program to learn biological science, longevity of petroleum engineering.. What kind of gifts do you want to send to your birthday sister? What other gifts do you have from the other 2 sisters? Three people were sent to the number of price gift is good, do not give your child a gift with key distinction..?

A friend does not give a heavy gift. My advice is that you make a few gifts for them, cross stitch, roadside stall, DIY mud man, painted, paper-cut, calligraphy, photo collection, photo frame, sister frame, hand chain... Simple but very emotional, if it is a true friend, no matter what kind of gift you send, she will be grateful, because she will understand that the idea of doing a gift is really worth a lifetime.

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